“We brought SNP on board to solve an environmental and housekeeping issue that consumed a large amount of energy with high maintenance costs. We were moving 600-degree Fahrenheit sand up a vertical steel pipe using a 100 HP blower. SNP did all the leg work, engineering studies and presented us with several options within budget and with proposed ROI. They even secured an energy saving incentive to help pay for the project. Josh Lewis and his team oversaw the installation of the project and ensured a flawless launch, on time and within budget. In all my years’ experience in the Auto sector this SNP project was a grand slam home run!”  

– Mario Ricci, Facility Engineering Manager, Nemak Windsor Aluminum Plant

A selection of current and recently completed projects:

Body Shop, PAINT SHOP & General Assembly Process Equipment Installation and Facility Coordination

Plant layout and launch assistance, including bid package development, scheduling, contract administration, engineering and facility co-ordination for multiple auto manufacturing facilities in the US Midwest and Canada.

We deliver the services needed to launch new vehicles on-time and on-budget.


Energy Evaluation, Cost Deployment, Studies, and Retrofits

Energy usage is a large cost driver in plants, that may get out of control without proper attention. SNP conducts energy usage evaluations, cost deployment, opportunity studies and retrofits at a number of manufacturing facilities.

We help our clients lower their utility costs to sustainable levels.


Building Facilities Design Support

SNP's Building Group is working closely with our major automotive clients in the design, bid package development and construction follow-up of demolition and new facilities.  Work includes structural renovations of production space, truss analysis, reinforcing for new conveyors and process loads, roof-top enclosures for carrier returns, floor preparation for new equipment, truck dock upgrades and vehicle quality audit space enhancements.


Heating, air conditioning, and exhaust are major cost drivers in large plants. We design and implement sophisticated plans and central control system upgrades to make facilities more efficient, and maintain a clean atmosphere to protect employee health.

Conveyor Design and Project Management

The efficient movement of material within manufacturing facilities is critical to optimizing production and minimizing wasted space and in-process inventory.  SNP works with our clients to design new and modify existing conveyance systems to suit their needs.


Safety is always a top priority in plants. We provide services to proactively identify and fix safety issues, including mechanical guarding, electrical interlocking, and advanced zone control.