SNP offers the following design services for industrial, manufacturing and process clients, primarily in the automotive / parts supplier and related markets. Please contact us for specific qualifications.


  • Maintenance Planning & Systems 
  • Quality Systems Implementation 
  • Lean Management and ‘Kaizens’ 
  • CAD Design and Drafting (2D/3D) 
  • Custom Database & Web Applications 
  • Commissioning, Debug & Start-Up 
  • Workstation Design & Integration 
  • Material Handling Flow Design 
  • Health & Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Project Management 
  • Energy Management & Audits 
  • Future Model Product Launch Planning 
  • Conveyor & Carrier Design 
  • Mechanical Design (HVAC, Piping) 
  • Electrical Design (Power, Controls) 
  • Process, Paint & Environmental Design 
  • Simulation Engineering 
  • Safety Assessments & Arc-Flash Studies

energy engineering - use less, save more.

Our Energy Team is composed of professionals who excel at identifying each client’s needs and delivering timely results that provide immediate and long lasting value for years to come.


  • ELECTRICITY - VFD Hydraulics, Dust Collector Optimization, Process Cooling System
  • STEAM - System Surveys, Trap Inspection and Loss Calculation, Steam to Natural Gas Conversion
  • HVAC - Current and New Case Analysis, Building and Process Ventilation Efficiency, Local Exhaust Capture Hoods
  • LIGHTING - Audits and Calculation of Savings
  • COMPRESSED AIR - Compressor, Dryer and System Efficiency, System Isolation/Reconfiguration
  • LEED - Documentation of Process Energy Savings
  • WATER - Surveys and Balance Studies
  • CUSTOM PROCESS STUDIES - Pneumatic to Mechanical, Setback and Curtailment, Right Sizing

energy incentives & rebates as well as studies & audits

Save energy, save time, and save money. You're in business to make money, and part of being successful is finding ways to save money.




OEM Supplier Development / Sourcing Analysis and Assessments

  • Distressed operations support to mitigate operational and delivery risk 
  • Identify and drive focused constraints improvements 
  • Drive and implement improvements to process controls and the overall effectiveness of the quality management system 
  • Quantify and qualify operational risk to contractual production obligations 
  • Production Readiness Evaluation and Support (APQP, Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plans, Run at Rates, PSO) 

Capital Investment Evaluation and Analysis

  • Define current state capacity by identifying the real operational and process constraints
  • Evaluate future state capacity based on capital request and operational optimization
  • Identify process optimization opportunities to mitigate operational risk and capital expenditures

Workplace Integration Services

  • Standard “Process Change” for achieving manufacturing realization (new product launch, throughput increases or decrease, rebalancing initiatives, model year changes) 
  • Cross-functional team that works together to develop and refine processes to achieve the required manufacturing action Process transitions from planning to physical implementation and validation


  • Zoning & Design Submittals 
  • Landscape Design 
  • Interior Design & Space Planning 
  • Pavement Design & Parking Lot Layout 
  • Floor and Roof Capacity Calculations 
  • Building Inspections 
  • Field Testing & Verification 
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Planning & Design 
  • Feasibility & Development Studies 
  • Building Design, New & Remodels 
  • Structural Steel & Concrete Design 
  • Buildings & Equipment Foundations 
  • Grading & Drainage 
  • Pipe and Utility Bridges 
  • Geotechnical & Soils Analysis